ABCDEFG (Access to Biological Collection Databases Extended for Geosciences) is an XML-Schema (Extensible Markup Language) developed for use with palaeontological, mineralogical and geological digitalized collection data.

It extends the ABCD-XML-Schema (Access to Biological Collection Databases) used by GBIF (Glocal Biodiversity Iformation Facility).

The ABCDEFG-XML-Schema is used to apply a mapping to the local data source and it is supported by the BioCASe Provider Software. This Software is easy to install and provides a very handy user interface for databse description and mapping. The BioCASe Provider Software mediates between the local data source and the GeoCASe Portal by sending and receiving XML documents.

ABCDEFG is proposed to the organisation of biodiversity information standards TDWG (Taxonomic Databases Working Group) as a data standard for geoscientific collections.

GeoCASe will be adopted by GBIF as soon as possible. The schema provides a general format for data exchange and retrieval for geoscientific collections. It does not replace an individual database management software.

The BioCASe Provider Software may be obtained from

For further information on ABCD visit the TDWG Terms Wiki page

For further information on the ABCD Extension for Geosciences (EFG) visit the TDWG Terms Wiki page or download the ABCDEFG-XML-Schema documentation which is also embedded below.

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